Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Literally Think You Literally Being Too Literal. (LITERALLY!)

Has anyone ever seen the AAA commercial where they have "real" customers give "real" exclamatory statements praising the Auto Club? I have seen the commercial FAR too many times and I am SICK OF IT.
This is what I wrote to them:

Angry email #1:
From: kimberly perplies
Date: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 8:07 PM
Subject: commercial advertisement fraud
To: The Auto Club

Dear Auto Club, I'm writing to you to request you either cease to play
your fraudulent commercial, or change it so that it is more truthful. I just saw an Auto Club commercial in which a woman claims that when she heard how much money she was going to save she literally fell out of her chair. I, quite frankly, do NOT believe this woman. She is a liar. If she actually DID fall out of her chair (which she DIDN'T) then I think the commercial would be more thorough and effective if we actually got to see a bruise she sustained when she fell off the chair or at least a believable reenactment of HOW she fell off the chair. I would also like to say that I believe the word "literally" is used far too casually. If someone uses the word "literally" it means that it actually happened. No doubt this woman was excited to save money. But she didn't have to make up a bald faced lie about literally falling off her chair; that didn't happen! The Auto Club, by featuring this woman as the first and last person to speak in the advertisement means that you not support lying, but are proud of it. What else is the Auto Club lying about?


Kimberly Perplies

Response #1:

OH WAIT, I can't post the response here because THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. Not even a generic, automated, "Thank you for your feedback..." email.
How can you respond to that?
I am on to your game, Auto Club. Nice try.

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  1. Preach it Sista! The word "literally" is thrown around like a wet noodle. Totally disrespected.

    Also: I applaud your values Ms. Perplies. I, too, am offended by this blatant abuse of hyperbole and I support your call for recall.

    A vile abuse of intellect.